SAS Prince Albert II of Monaco in Martinique

HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco paid tribute at the Precheur marine protected reserve to the former Captain of the Calypso, Albert Falco, a long time diving companion of Jacques Cousteau. The Prince was surrounded by Falco’s wife, daughters, friends and the mayor of Precheur. Albert Falco was a French scuba diving veteran and champion of underwater conservation. He made large contributions to the discovery and preservation of Martinique’s aquatic ecosystems. Falco passed away in 2012. The « Precheur » marine reserve is named after him.

Welcomed on land by kids from « Le Precheur », Prince Albert said about marine reserves, “Today we have enough perspective to know that marine reserves and protected areas are the best ways to regulate overfishing and protect the ecosystems. One benefit of creating these reserves is that they provide generations of fishermen the ability to continue their livelihood for years to come. Marine protected areas help to protect the marine environments and biodiversity by bringing man and the sea together responsibly.”

In the evening, Prince Albert hosted a gathering in Fort de France to share the work of Monaco Explorations, and specifically the most recent topic, Sargassum, to a crowd of nearly 150 people. Thomas Changeux and Sandrine Ruitton from Aix-Marseille university presented the work done during 3 weeks with Monaco Explorations.

Photo © Monaco Explorations / Olivier Borde