In Mindelo and Branco with Prince Albert II

During his trip to Cabo Verde with Monaco Explorations, HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco came to Mindelo to the new Ocean Science Centre of the GEOMAR Helmholtz Center for Ocean Research (Germany). The Prince presented the three-year circumnavigation scientific program and the research vessel YERSIN.  During the first leg around Cape Verde, scientists from GEOMAR have been supported to recover and re launch a bottom lander and a wave glider to collect sample and make measurements.

HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco offered to Jorge Carlos Fonseca, President of the Republic of Cabo Verde a giant skink specimen and led a tour aboard the Yersin.

This endemic lizard was living on Branco desert Island (Cabo Verde, Atlantic Ocean) but has disappeared due to human activities and habitat destruction. This lizard has been collected by Prince Albert the first in 1901.

Raquel Vasconcelos is a world specialist of lizard and she is looking for the giant skink and studies gecko. She camped on the island a few days to take pictures and tag some lizards and geckos.