Since 1952, SAFAS has always been pioneering in spectroscopy and medicine, introducing over the years a large number of breakthrough innovations and technologies. Everything started when Dr I.BUSSOTTI and GF BUSSOTTI introduced from Monaco the world’s first real time oximeter, the SAFAS Oximeter which monitored the cutaneous blood oxygen saturation thanks to a non-invasive clip; this innovation saved a lot of lives, enabled to achieve the first heart catheterism and contributed to the development of the first artificial kidney.

Dr I.Bussotti and G.Bussotti showing to H.M.S.H.Prince Rainier III their innovations.

SAFAS innovative robotized multidetection reader with zero transfer time and sterility preserved

From then onwards, many major innovations were successively launched by SAFAS Monaco, among which the worlds’s first UV-Visible spectrophotometer with grating monochromators in 1958, the first grating spectrofluorometers in 1959, the first spectrophotometers 100% PC controlled in 1988, as well as the first able to measure at open sky, the first multidetection microplate reader in 2000, and more recently the first robotized multidetection microplate reader with zero transfer time and sterility preserved, a great innovation for High Throughput Screening, especially for Biotechs and Pharmaceutical industries.

Additionally to this technological leadership, SAFAS also gained a name for the reputed reliability and long term compliance of its instruments. Today, SAFAS offers a complete range of scientific instruments with features and technologies unique on the market, mainly UV-Visible spectrophotometers, Infra-Red Spectrophotometers, Atomic Absorption, Spectrofluorometers, Luminometers, Microplate Readers and various kinds of analysers. SAFAS is also able to design scientific instruments for special applications and to manufacture them as prototypes, or in series as OEM manufacturer for other brands.

Some SAFAS instruments in the validation laboratory of the factory, on Monaco harbour.

SAFAS facilities are located on Monaco Harbour, in the same building as the prestigious Centre Scientifique de Monaco, which is a trustful partner of SAFAS since the National Research Center was created in 1960. SAFAS was winner of the Trophy of Innovation in Paris in 2015, and winner of the Trophy of Economy / Nice-Matin in Monaco in 2016.

Dr Jean-Franck Bussotti in his office with the Trophy of Innovation 2015 won by SAFAS.

Because SAFAS is much concerned by the problems of sustainable development, our factory is certified to be supplied at 100% by renewable energy. In the same spirit, SAFAS is also fighting planned obsolescence, which is probably one of the major causes for pollution in the world: every minute, thousands of apparatus are scrapped, involving an amazing accumulation of waste and threatening the future of our children. In the Scientific World, big instruments which could have been used for 10 or 20 more years often have to be replaced because of basic spare parts or service no more available, of obsolete software, or just because the new technologies are only available on new instruments. Planned obsolescence is turning the planet to a junkyard, that’s why SAFAS has developed its exclusive concept of SUSTAINABLE SPECTROSCOPYTM, a strong commitment to quality, and to long term customer return on investment. This is the SAFAS contribution to the future of mankind, and each SAFAS customer can profit by these advantages and claim to be a supporter of this planet-saving policy.

The exclusive concept of SUSTAINABLE SPECTROSCOPY, a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and to Sustainable Development.

As unfailing supporters of the Environmental Commitments of H.M.S.H. the Prince Albert II, as admirers of the pioneering explorations of his ancestor Prince Albert 1st, as technological leader in spectroscopy and –last but not least- as trustful partner of the CSM, it was natural for SAFAS to become Official Scientific Partner of Monaco Explorations. SAFAS is happy and proud to announce that a SAFAS Xenius microplate reader, featuring technologies and performances unique in the world, will fit the laboratory of the Yersin and provide to the researchers the best existing tools for their analysis during this great adventure.

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