The Princely Government

Under the impetus of its Princes, and in particular, of H.S.H. Prince Albert II, the Principality of Monaco has committed itself on an ambitious policy of preserving the seas, both locally and globally.

In recent years, this has resulted in a number of major initiatives including Monaco’s territorial waters. The Larvotto Reserve and the Pelagos Sanctuary, created with France and Italy, are dedicated to the protection of marine mammals in the Mediterranean. The RAMOGE agreement is an instrument of cooperation created to combat marine pollution and promote an integrated management of the littoral, also in collaboration with France and Italy.

There are also agreements concerning other areas of the Mediterranean through the trust fund created at the initiative of H.S.H. Prince Albert II with France and Tunisia to finance the development of marine protected areas. There is also the Monegasque initiative for tuna which has made it possible to preserve and regenerate the stocks in the Mediterranean.

There are additional initiatives of the Principality which are more globally concerned with the oceans of the world, through continuous action in multilateral organizations. These actions reflect the active participation of Monaco in most of the negotiations currently under way in what is called the BBNJ (Biodiversity Beyond National Jurisdictions), in particular on the law of the sea and biodiversity on the high seas.

The involvement of the Principality and H.S.H. Prince Albert II has played an important role in the United Nations adoption of a Sustainable Development Goal specific to the oceans (SDG 14) and in holding a special day dedicated to the oceans at COP 22 in Marrakech.

Finally, it was at the initiative of the Principality and the Prince Albert II Foundation that the IPCC decided to devote an intermediate report regarding the oceans and the cryosphere (the term covering all ice-covered areas) to climate change. The launch of this report took place in the Principality in December 2016.